Sacha Stejko is a Ukrainian born, Brazilian and New Zealand raised photographer. Since the age of 6 Sacha has been immersed in the New Zealand film and theatre industry.  At the age of 8 she was happily directing actors into their auditions as a casting directors assistant. Not one to shy away from the camera, Sacha has always been involved in the arts, performing and visual. 

Sacha began shooting at 15, after receiving top marksat 16 she recieved a scholarship to go to Art school to study photography. Within her first year of study, Sacha received an award from the National children's arthouse for Emerging artist of the year. In the following year she won the Sony Fashion week photography competition, where 22 exceptional photography students had access to shoot runway and behind the scenes at New Zealand's premiere fashion event. She won the chance to shoot for Black magazine along with equipment and money to put towards her career. Sacha had lots of publicity around her work, with articles and interviews featured in the photographer's mail, pulp, thread and Black.

When Sacha was 19, she had the extraordinary opportunity to shoot for the ex-director of Cirque du Soleil on his international show - 'Slava's Snowshow'.  She got to shoot the show and behind the scenes while they were touring Switzerland. These images are published in the show book which is available world wide.

After travelling around Europe, Sacha came back and began to assist photographers Craig Owen, Sam Crawford and Garth Badger.

Shortly after returning from Europe, Sacha opened up her own production company and began to shoot the country's best Actors. Having been raised by one of New Zealand's top actresses and Acting coaches, Sacha has a good understanding of what the industry requires as well as how to work with actors on a one on one basis. She currently shoots for the top acting agencies in the country, and actors often fly from around New Zealand and Australia for a shoot.

Sacha is currently working on various projects, having recently worked with international clients like Audi, Adidas and Macleans. With a strong interest in film, advertising and fashion, she is building up her portfolio constantly.